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Ceramics by Leah Reena Goren

cute thangs

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the other week i stumbled upon an article titled "17 little things attractive girls do differently" … i was so appalled/amused that i decided to make some new hive pages as a response

click here to start (there are 17 pages total)

you can find them all via the #feminism tag here

mollysoda 4evr


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she’s been my favorite trinket collector since flickr was a thing and tumblr wasn’t even born… still so good

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anyone in the newport/middletown RI area looking for a roommate please!!!!! let!!! me!!!! know!!!!!!

*raises hand* need to get out of provi

A real life text a boy sent me at 9am

A real life text a boy sent me at 9am


good morning let’s get this money

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Guys I’m seriously going to dye my hair blonde this week. This is the single weirdest choice/urge I’ve ever had someone talk me out of it.

A Sunday.

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Anonymous said: What's your type?



Good views from the backseat.

Good views from the backseat.